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Raz jeszcze wracamy do tematu jednej z najbardziej prestiżowych wystaw psów rasowych na świecie. Dzięki uprzejmości Pani Marlene Hepper mamy możliwość opublikowania na www.labrador.pl opisów psów, które zajęły trzy pierwsze lokaty w każdej z klas. Pani Marlene Hepper jest znanym i doświadczonym hodowcą oraz sędzią. Założony przez nią kennel MARDAS należy do najbardziej znanych hodowli angielskich. Wywodzą się z niego między innymi SH CH Martin of Mardas, Mardas Master Mariner, Mardas Samoori, Mardas Berberis i wiele innych., Pani Marlene Hepper na Crufts 2006 oceniała psy. Dziś wersja oryginalna. W ciągu kilku najbliższych dni przedstawimy tłumaczenie, które choć w części postaramy się zilustrować zdjęciami opisywanych psów.

CRUFTS 2006 labrador retriever males Championship show results.


I would like thank everyone for allowing me to judge their dogs and for the  entry of male Labradors which I understand was the highest ever for that I thank all of you. You entered for my opinion and I m giving you my opinion. Most of my placings of the dogs will be repeat critiques as you read it but you can be certain that all of the dogs I pulled out had and do have the following breed requirements of what I consider are required to be within   the BREED STANDARD. Its up to you to take it as its meant or take offense to the following :.


However, I think there are some people who should sit down and learn our breed standard for the Labrador retriever. I was appalled at what some people had qualified Heads and expression should be masculine having a good shape to the head with no cheekiness which is making them resemble pigs or worse still rottweiller heads and expressions. . They are not meant to be like this and they should have a soft melting expression in the eye and almond shaped . People should be able to look at a Labrador and not have to consider , is it going to bite me ??Preferably with a good almond colour NOT rounded in shape and Black!!!!!!! It should nt be yellow or green either. Size - I m not against a smaller dog and shall we say a larger sized dog I have had both over the years so size does nt really bother me just as long as I can look at it and immediately think that dog appears to be a Labrador with all the breed points. But by the time I reached the Post Grad uate classes etc I was measuring the size of the dogs against me. Some of these Labradors were far too tall well out of what you could possibly accept as breed standard.So again something we must watch is size.Forearms again many of the dogs were so straight in forearm they did nt look balanced. Many were also FAT instead of having a well muscle toned body.Whats happening to the tight cat like feet the Labrador retriever should have . Some dogs appear to have webbed feet similar in shape as ducks feet spanning out wide and the pastern or wrist is nearly lying on the ground when you view them from the side. Also I will point out at this time that the front leg bone should go straight down to the foot not thinning out at the pastern or wrist. This too wants watching. Please fellow exhibitors look at your dogs and be honest with yourself and try and alter the things that are wrong . There is no perfect dog. Its no good sitting there at the side of the ring and saying “Oh the face is Winning again" its not always the face that's winning its their dogs and it's the years of trying to get something worthwhile that you can call a Labrador retriever into the ring. They ve all had to work their way through to the top and have placed into pet homes more Labradors than we can truthfully remember over the years. But they ve stuck at it and tried and that's the main thing. So remember that when the FACE wins again and again try and have a good look at the dog too . if you don t try and deal with these problems now and do something about it in several years time we will not have Labradors fitting our breed standard. We will have something else very different to what the people mostly now passed on Created for us by breeding and creating a standard that would keep the Labrador retriever a breed apart from any other breed some of you are certainly going down the wrong road to achieve this.

Veteran Dog (16)

1st Barberi s It.Nat.Ch. Lenches Morse lovely black in excellent condition Beautiful head and expression, well constructed and very short coupled. Moved so well

2nd Coles Sh Ch Stajantor Robin yellow lovely head and expression excellent in coat moved well.Exhibiters can look on Robins head and see all that is good and that they should hope to achieve.

3rd Raes Cornlands Wellington very similar to my 2nd placing in as much that he too has a lovely head and expression good bone ,coat and substance with out being fat/ just did nt have the presence of the two that beat him but a lovely male just the same.
Special Puppy dog. (21)

1st Hopkinsons Silver Suede at Rocheby pale in colour nice head and expression good eye shape and colour. Good outline .excellent neck front good deep rib short coupled strong well muscled quarters quarters good coat texture with under coat. and moves so well.

2nd Carpanini`s Carpenny Scenario black of a different type to the winner again lovely head and expression good neck and front short deep in rib which also goes well back. short coupled strong quarters good coat, moved well This fellow needs time.

3rd Tooths Ludalor Lunar Orbit yellow strong in body and carrying too much weight which is spoiling his top line moved well.

Spec.Jun.dog (24)

1st stBarberi st Loch Mor Welldone Clean outline neck and shoulders.lovely expression and head shape good bone and substance short back and strong quarters.In exscellent coat. Moved well.

2nd Crooks Balrion Weathertop Pumpkin Pie lovely type excellent head and expression Good bone. short back. strong quarters just not in Such a good coat and condition of winner perhaps his coat was just starting to blow nevertheless such a nice sort .

3rd Wilkinsons Williams & Craig Foulby Wild Bill Hickok good black excellent in outline. good quarters. enough bone. good tail and a good head and expression.

Yearling Dog (22)

1st Miles Llanstinan Lloyd chocolate of good type and confirmation he has a lovely if strong head and expression and eye colour. nice neck and shoulders. short coupled . again deep in the rib moves well .

2nd Dos Santos Very White De La Legende de la Loutre Lovely Head and Expression good reach of neck strong bone good quarters excellent tail this dog also just need time to mature.

3rd Becketts Langshott Old Bill at Kimvalley yellow beautiful melting head and expression good bone and substance lovely clean neck and front short coupled strong in quarters coat just starting to blow moves well.

Undergrad dog (29)

1st Forington Lightening Tango by Trentwith Black good head and expression without being course. Good type in excellent coat and substance clean neck and shoulders moves well.

2nd Heron Tanner at Brigburn black nice head and expression short coupled deep rib good bone level top line and needs to fill out was short on coat today.

3rdHallum Keene s Poetic Justice very nice black lovely outline deep body short coupled excellent bone and substance

Graduate Dog (18)

1stNeachell Sutton Park Manifesto yellow excellent type and quality in no way will he ever be course with a lovely head and eye with that melting expression I l ove in a labrador. excellent bone without being course also in very good coat Lovely clean neck and front with a good forechest. Strong quarters. Deep barrelled rib and a good length to them. short in the loin. good tail coming straight off the back. short hocks moves so well with a level topline. Stood and showed non stop Eventually my CC winner and BOB

2nd Hodges Naiken Quincy black of excellent type good coat good head eye and expression. Enough bone without it being course. clean neck and front. good quarters. Again his young man needs time.moves well.

3rd Davy Alkarin Cracker yellow nice head and expression good neck and front has enough bone good depth of rib short coupled in the loin again this young man needs time to develop moves well.

Post Graduate (22)

1st Sutcliffe Anglepoise Apollo of Crawcrook yellow lovely clean outline nice head and expression good bone nice neck and front deep rib short coupled good quarters moves well.

2nd Balshaws Halshimoor Handel at Shanorrell good bone and substance nice head and expression deep in body good quarters and short coupled moved well. He did nt make the best of himself.
3rd Forringtons Trentwith Mr Bumble striking outline. Strong head and expression. good bone deep rib level topline moved OK Mid

Limit Dog (28)

1st Beckley Godruo Sisugref a lovely black to go over Kind head and expression lovely clean neck and front .good forechest. deep in rib short coupled. Level top line. excellent bone without being course. moves very well. I thought he was lovely eventually won the Reserve CC.

2nd Harris Rooklane Smart Remarque Again a lovely head and expression good bone. deep in the rib. Strong quarters. short coupled across the loin. good top line. well muscled in his quarters.in very good coat.

3rd. Litherlands Nantgwyn William of Oakhouse. Black with so much to like about him. Good head and expression excellent bone and substance without being fat. Deep rib .Excellent neck and front. good in fore chest ..strongand powerful quarters. Moves very well.

Limit Dog ( 25)

1st Tam O`Shanter of Tintagel Winds. Lovely in head and expression clean outline good bone and substance without being fat. Good topline clean neck and front. good forechest Deep well rounded rib. Short coupled Moved well.

2nd Hallum Keene`s Spin Doctor JW another black again with such a good head and expression without being course. Good neck and front deep rib Good in forechest in excellent coat. Not quite moving as well as the winner.

3rd Richmonds Brigglebank Beware black of good type. .Good neck and front etc.. good bone slightly longer cast in loin and back than the winners. Moved well.

Open Dog.(31)

1st Rawlinson Sh Ch Wilsbury Wild Fire at Halshimoor JW lovely yellow standing and moving good head and expression. Excellent bone and substance. In lovely coat. Deep thru the rib and body. Level topline short in the loin moves well.

2nd Brown ShCh Ramsayville Route Sixty Six lovely type with a good head and expression. Strong in bone. short coupled in the loin .level topline. Good rib. In full coat. Strong in hock and moves well.

3rd Anthony & Jayes Sh Ch Sandylands Wait and See yellow again lovely head and expression . deep rib. short coupled thru the loin . level topline . excellent bone. Moved well. Looking at him he just did nt have the coat of the two above him on the day.

Field Trial dog (4)
1st Venturi Rose Oakingham Monarch of Leospring Very nice black good head and expression without being i n anyway coarse. Good in outline Clean neck and shoulders. Good Forechest. Deep in body well rounded rib. Short in back. level top line. Decent bone moves well.

2nd Jaggard Stowbrook Stalky of Nortoft nice sort of yellow has good bone and a nice head and expression clean in neck and shoulders moves well.

3rd Bishop Sparkling Jem A rangy type of black wouldlike more bone Deep in chest. Good quarters Is a little light in the eye colour. Moved OK.

Special Working Dogs. (10)

1st Hallum Ch Keene`s Seafarer`s Star JW a lovely black standing good outline. good fore chest lovely clean neck and shoulders. Lovely head and expression. good bone. strong quarters Deep in rib. level top line. Strong hocks and moves well

2nd Neals Ch Amerstope Blue Moon black. Good neck and shoulders good forechest. Good bone deep in the rib level topline moved well

3rd. Helbing Killian & Vohmann black nice head and expression. good bone. Deep rib . level top line. good neck and shoulders Good forechest. moved well lacked coat.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme (15)

1st Gambon Birchbrook Gordon Bennet (shcm) black good outline with enough bone nice head and expression. Good shoulder placement. Level top line decent tail. Moved OK

2ndDouglas Ir.Sh.Ch. Talrd The ManWho black good outline with good shoulders and forechest. Decent bone. Nice head and expression. Level top line moved well.

3rd Majors Tabatha s Rapsody in Blue. Black in good condition good outline. Short back. Good bone deep in rib

Marlene Hepper. Mardas Labradors.

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